Saturday I did not know what to title this.   Sitting home on a Saturday night watching the new Arthur movie with the boys.  We have free HBO and Cinemax this weekend! Woo Hoo!  Things are good!  We are going to see Mom tomorrow. Her birthday was yesterday.  69.   We are going to see Mama Myrtle at her new digs at the assisted living tomorrow too! I hope it goes well.  I am going to take my camera.  It seems like forever since I have taken any pictures!  The job is going well.  A little far to drive but I can tolerate it.  I also am enjoying my class.  I really have not learned anything yet....I have already taken two computer classes.  I took my first test.  I got an 82 out of 100.  I guess I really don't know everything yet.  I feel really good and positive about the direction everything is going in now.  That is a good thing!


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