Thursday, January 03, 2013

Home Alone (not the movie!)

It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog.  I have been very busy with work and school and have just not found the time or I have just not been motivated!  With the holidays over and school on break I find myself home alone!  Jack went back to school today after being off for Christmas break.  He took his new tablet with him....I hope it works out for him.  He got a Colby Kyros for Christmas.  Of course he was disappointed at first because it was not an IPad or a Kindle.  I am sorry but I am not comfortable sending him to school with the tablets that are that expensive.  The Colby does everything that he needs it too for now.  I am pleased with it.  Nick is home on break but has been staying with a friend in NC for the past couple of days.  He should be back today.  We are working on getting him straightened out before he heads back to USC for a second semester.  He did very badly first semester.  Worse case scenario.   I feel like I am taking a gamble on a second semester but he is adamant about doing better.  Heather moved out the weekend before Christmas.  I am very happy for her!  I know she will do well.  Of course her car is acting up and needed to go to the repair shop!  These are the things you have to deal with as an independent young woman!  Dennis has applied for a new position at work.  Hopefully we will get some positive news back on that.  I can't is good!  We just keep moving forward!   Happy New Year! 

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