Year Fourteen

It is hard to believe that fourteen years ago I was pregnant.  I am 50...I was pregnant fourteen years ago!  It is so weird saying that.  It seems like such a different world I lived in!  I had two young children and another one on the way.  Heather and Nicky were so excited to have a new sibling.  Heather wanted a sister and Nicky wanted a brother.  Nicky got his wish!  Jack was born February 17th, 1999.   8 lbs 2 oz  He was the biggest!  Still growing now!  He will be in high school next year.  What!  Are you kidding me??  Four more years of high school!  I am looking forward to it! 
On the way to school this morning Jack told me he wished I wasn't old.  Can you believe that!  He said most of his friends parents are younger then me and Dennis.  I explained to him that most of his friends are probably the oldest child and he is the youngest.  I also asked him how many of his friends parents are still together.  I told him how lucky he is! 
Truth is, you are the one getting older not me!  You have always kept me young Jack!  I will never feel old next to you!  Happy Birthday Buddy! 



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