A Day Off - Binge Watching, Cleaning and Organizing

Today I had a day off from work!  Not only did I binge watch 10 episodes of The Mindy Project but was able to get I few things done as well.  That's about 5 hours of binging.  I did take a shower too!  Episode 14 of Season 4 got to me!  All is good though!  What else did I do?  I cleaned of course!  I also started on one project and got my linen closet organized.

I started on a wreath for Nicks new apartment

I have a very small linen closet.  I watched a video on  how to roll a

 towel spa style and it takes up less room!  

All and all an enjoyable day!  Except one thing.  The anxiety I felt of not being able to help my oldest son out of a jam.  He is OK, nothing serious.  It is so hard not to jump in the car and not save the day!  That is being a mom a guess.  Here's to all the mom's who came before me!  Especially mine!  


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