Homemade Laundry Soap

I saw the recipe for this homemade laundry soap on Pinterest!  I had to try it!  There are five people in my family and we go through so much laundry soap.  I made this yesterday and have done several loads!  The cloths come out smelling and looking clean!  My sons were sceptical about it but they are clueless on saving money!  My youngest son got into it though and wanted to do his own laundry!  We will see how long that lasts!  Now I need to try the homemade dish washing detergent!  Link to recipe is below!

P.S.  Thank you Wendy for the name of soap!

Aug 27th -  This soap lasted about 12 weeks for me.  Still pretty good I would say!  I have now made it for a 2nd time and this time I used my food processor to grate the soap!  Much faster! 


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