Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

Today was another beautiful day! Not quite as warm...but the sun was shining after last nights thunderstorms. Finished doing the taxes. I just need to double check them. I am feeling better then I have in the past couple of weeks. I did not wake up quite as sore. Did a little yoga this morning....maybe that will help. We still need a new mattress though. I am planning on shopping for one this weekend. I am making turkey chili tonight. Jack will not eat it of course! He will have leftovers from last night. I can't please everyone! Heather is at work tonight. I took her to the doctor yesterday....she popped her shoulder again. She does not want to have an MRI. She has opted for physical therapy. I hope she understands she will have to keep up with it. This shoulder thing will be a lifelong problem. Nick will be home from soccer practice soon. It is so nice that he is actually talking to me! He is a 16 year old who usually doesn't have much to say to his mother. Since I have not been working....things have changed in that regards. I couldn't be happier!

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