Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing a Little Something

It is now time for the growing season.  My husband us usually the one that takes care of the vegetable garden.  He is doing his thing this year but I thought I would try my hand in it since I am not working at the moment.  When we were first married and living in our townhouse I was the one who originally did the gardening.  With kids and going back to work full time I just wasn't that into it.  I started some tomato seeds and a little herb garden for the window.  They have already started sprouting!  The were both inexpensive kits.  I bought them at Dollar General.  Love that store!  Now I need to figure out where I will put the tomato plants.  Dennis has already started his plants and he has a lot.  I was thinking about doing a box garden.  The soil here is clay and I hate it! 

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