Thursday, March 03, 2011

How Do I Value Myself?

Thursday is the day I file my weekly unemployment claim.  It has been nine weeks since I lost my job.  It is funny how things have changed since that time.  The first few weeks I had to clean, clean and clean the house!  I felt like if I was not doing something then I was not valued.  I looked around yesterday and I noticed that I had let a few things go!  I will be getting right to those cleaning projects today.  I have lightened up on myself a bit.  It is okay for me to sit down and relax during the day.  I hope my family finds value in me and it is not just that I am home not doing anything!   I try to have dinner prepared every night!  Sometimes you have to eat leftovers though.  We are on a budget!

 Don't get me wrong....eventually I will have to find another source of income.  I am continually looking everyday.  I have sent resumes, networked and looked into taking classes.  I keep coming back to photography.  This is something that I have loved since I was a kid.  I remember getting my first camera (it was a  Polaroid) for either my birthday or Christmas.  I think I was 10??   Many camera's later....I still love it.  I am looking into getting a DSLR now.  With not working is on the back burner for now.  I do have a great Kodak Digital Z980.  I recently took an online photography course.  I am now looking at taking a course at the community college.  I am the only one in my way though!   Somehow I always manage to talk myself out of things.  I have to stop doing that!  Does anyone else have that problem?

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